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The Book | Brian J Donley

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The Book

The Original Psychology of Success, written in 1909 by Newton N. Riddell, is a granddaddy of all self help books. The information it contains when followed will open up new pathways for anyone who may struggle with a simple question: “What are successful people doing that I am not?”

Adjustments are Key! Knowing what to adjust will start a process of opening new doors. New doors equal new paths. New paths bring new opportunities that bring about personal Greatness.

Introducing “Donley’s Law:” A memory formula that shows the steps necessary to take a plan/idea to reality when followed.

mayte-picco-kline1The Original Psychology of Success is a vivid demonstration of what can be accomplished when we focus on the power of growth, walking the talk and becoming of service to others.  Brian’s key for success speaks of “Learning, applying and teaching” and the adjustments that are needed throughout the process.  Seeing the goodness and divinity in every soul, Brian invites the reader to explore the secrets to open opportunities for successful living.  His book acknowledges, within others, the value of individuality, respect for self and others, and positive thinking as meaningful elements in the search for greatness.  A book that can become a friendly companion on the road to a healthy, wealthy and happy life.”

—Mayte Picco-Kline
Author of Wholeness in Living


“This simple and easy-to-read book contains a wealth of fundamental information that is essential to any person’s success, happiness, and wealth. What most people are completely unaware of are the subtle yet powerful beliefs that control our lives and shape the results we receive in the real world.

“I particularly liked the way that key topics like winning personality, opportunity, energy, study, thinking, and character were highlighted for closer examination. You won’t find this kind of precise philosophy discussed much, if at all, in today’s typical motivational self-help book. In fact, this book has been known by some as the “granddaddy” of all self-help books as the original text was published in 1909 by Newton N. Riddell.

“What makes this book extra valuable are the “Secret” comments that author, Brian Donley, adds to each of the 52 topics discussed. Mr. Donley’s modern day application to the original text creates a body of work that has tremendous relevance to anyone who is serious about improving their lives and fulfilling their deepest dreams.

“Mr. Donley’s formula for applying the principles of success is very profound. “Donley’s Law” is simply to “Learn, Apply, and Teach” your way to success. As a person learns about these success principles, they simple apply it to their lives, makes adjustments along the way, and then teach them to others. This built-in formula guarantees that a person receives maximum value from this work in such a simple and achievable way. I particularly find the idea of “Teach” to be a new wrinkle in my own understanding for success. It is spiritually based on the fundamental truth of giving as a way of life.

“I highly recommend that any person who aspires to achieving high levels of wealth, success, happiness, health in their lives to get their hands on this book and devour it like I did. You’re guaranteed to find the clarity that you’ll need in order to head in the right direction in your life from wherever you are now.”

—Steve Nakamoto
“Writer’s Digest Award Winning – MEN ARE LIKE FISH”
(Huntington Beach, California USA)

WOW! Must read for everyone!!

Reviewer: LaNita J. Wolfe

“This book is not just another Psychology self-help book. This is a very easy read, can’t put down, real book that talks to all real people about successful values. The values in everyday life that are growing extinct in our world and we need to bring them back through our love and actions. The Author creates a formula for making this very simple and doable. I’m ordering this for everyone, family, friends and business associates. I love it, Thanks Brian J. Donley!!”


There are elements of genius in every person that, if awakened and trained, will enable them to do something worthwhile. There are stores of energy and ambition in every brain that if, unlocked and given expression in action, will supply the force necessary to bring things to pass. There are germs of goodness and divinity in every soul that, if quicken by love and wrought into character, will enable a person to live a clean, self-respecting, moral life. Awaken the genius, unlock the energies, quicken the divinity in a person, change them from negative to positive, combine their intellect, energy, and conscience in harmonious expression, and you have given to that person the psychology of success.

Secret: Awakened = Learn (L), Trained = Apply (A), Worthwhile = Teach (T), Learn, Apply, Teach (LAT). This secret will unfold as you keep reading!

What is Success?

What constitutes success? If we are to see things alike, we must have the same viewpoint. Briefly, success is the accomplishment of anything attempted. We must get a larger concept of the subject. We must measure success first from the viewpoint of the individual, and second from their relation to society. We must measure success in the individual not wholly by their objective achievements in the few years that belong to the earth life, but in the light of the fact that the….